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Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping in Aubrey, TX

Celina, TX

Lawn & Landscaping company

Lawn & Landscaping Services in Celina, TX and surrounding areas.

Our services are reliable, professional, licensed, insured and Veteran owned.

It's an exhilarating time in Celina! With access to great amenities and things to do around the area, it's no wonder Celina, TX is becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas. The population has tripled since 2010 and this Collin County city is experiencing high-growth all along Preston Road. One of the main attractions that draw new residents to Celina is the top-rated school districts that can be found within both the Celina ISD and Prosper ISD. 

One of our favorite things about Celina, TX is that it sits between Aubrey, Prosper and McKinney, on the edge of where a lot of development is coming. The city of Celina has direct access to the Dallas North Tollway system for easy access to pass through Prosper, Frisco and make your way into the city of Dallas. Although it has development, Celina also still has the country feel to it within The Square that we all know and love today. Celina has always been a small city, with a big vision!

Another reason why Celina is very dear to our hearts at Military Lawn Cuts, is this town is the home of our second location which is called "Military Lawn Cuts of Celina". We provide residential lawn care services to residents of Celina, TX & surrounding areas. These services include mowing, fertilization & weed control, bush trimming, landscape bed weed pulling, mulch installation, lawn-insect control, aeration and leaf removal. No matter which service you choose you can count on our lawn care team to be reliable, professional, licensed and insured. 

Lawn Care Services in Aubrey, TX
Leaf Removal Services in Aubrey, TX
Lawn Mowing Service in Aubrey, TX
Landscape Maintenance Services in Aubrey, TX

Our lawn care and lawn health services include fertilization, weed control, aeration, fungicide treatments, lawn insect-control and more.

Give your lawn the time and attention it needs to get healthy again with our fertilization and weed control program. Our lawn application program includes 8 visits to your home throughout the year to add a fertilizer treatment and eradicate your weed problem. When it comes to using fertilizer, we don't just use the same kind of product down on every lawn. We use high quality, commercial grade fertilizers tailored to the type of grass you have. The fertilizers will help give your grass the nutrients it needs to obtain a thick healthy base with a deep root system to thrive in the Texas heat. We also use slow-release fertilizers which help keep your grass greener longer. 

Unlike many other lawn companies, we do not charge you extra for having different kinds of weeds in your lawn. There are certain weeds like Nutsedge, Dallisgrass and King Ranch Bluestem that are extremely stubborn and takes months even years to fully eradicate. These weeds are very expensive to treat and the cost of one bottle is close to $400 to buy. ALL weeds are included in our weed control program so you never have to worry about what kind of weeds you have, or if the price goes up based on if you have the more difficult weeds to kill. The foundation of our fertilization and weed control program is applying our Fall, Spring and Winter Pre-Emergent treatments which significantly help reduce the amount of weeds in your lawn BEFORE they start to germinate. With us utilizing both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments to target weeds on your lawn you are bound to have a Military Green Lawn so long as you stay on our schedule for these treatments. We do want to communicate to you that it does take some time to get the weeds under control and we always tell our customers to give our program at least 1 full year so you can benefit from all 8 rounds of our program and be able to reap the rewards.

Aeration services are designed to help loosen the compacted soil and allow more water and nutrients to get down into the root system of your grass. We recommend to our clients to have their lawn aerated once per year to help loosen their soil. Instead of using a core aerator to aerate that can be extremely damaging to your sprinkler heads and irrigation system, we apply a liquid aeration on your lawn to allow more water and nutrients to get into the soil without costly damages.


We visit your home for the Lawn Insect-Control program 4 times per year. These treatments are spaced out roughly 90 days apart and will give you assurance and a 3 month bug control for your lawn on each visit. A few of the key insects this helps to control in your lawn are Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, Crickets, Fall Armyworms, Sod Webworms, Chinch Bugs and many more. These treatments help keep these pests away from you pets, children and lawn year round. 

If you find your lawn to have a fungus or lawn disease like brown spots, patchy areas or take all root rot then let us know. We can have a manager come out and assess your lawn to see if it needs a fungicide treatment. This is extremely important if your lawn has a disease because if left untreated, these diseased areas can spread throughout your yard.

Fungus & Disease Treatments

You deserve to have the best looking lawn on the block with our lawn and landscape maintenance services.

Landscape Maintenance Services for Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping

Our reliable lawn maintenance services will help keep your front, back and side lawn in tip-top shape. Mowing your lawn regularly is essential to keeping your property looking nice and manicured. Our lawn mowing schedule starts in March on a bi weekly schedule and shifts over to weekly mowing services in April. We offer weekly mowing services all the way until mid October when we shift our mowing schedule back to bi weekly. By November 15th our regular mowing season ends and we transition to once per month mowing in December, January and February. This service includes mowing the front back and sides of your yard, weed eating along the fence and objects in your yard, edging with a metal stick edger along your sidewalk, driveway, alleyway and curbs, and blowing off all the concrete on your property. 

Whether you live in a Homeowners Association Community or not, your flowerbeds are just as important as the grass in your lawn. We can help you keep your flowerbeds in excellent condition year round with our recurring landscape maintenance services. These services include trimming your bushes, hedges and shrubs as well as hand pulling any grass and weeds growing in your flowerbeds. We visit your home every 8 weeks for these services to upkeep the appearance and to keep your flowerbeds looking aesthetically pleasing. We also offer fresh mulch installation and recommend having this done once per year.

The Fall season is known for the beautiful falling leaves which can pose a huge threat to the health of your lawn if wet leaves get left there for a long period of time. Leaving piles of leaves on your yard can lead to diseases forming in your grass, creates a home for bugs and snakes, and will drag down your homes curb appeal. We offer recurring leaf removal services that will clean up these leaves for you so you don't have to worry about the issues that come when you leave the leaves on your lawn. When you schedule this service, we will collect all of the leaves on your property and haul them off for proper disposal.

Call us today to schedule any of our lawn and landscaping services.

Our company has been providing lawn and landscaping services to Celina, TX community since 2023. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional, licensed and insured. If your home is located in Celina or in a nearby area like Aubrey or Prosper, give Military Lawn Cuts of Celina a call at 972-502-9417 to schedule with us. Otherwise you can click the button below to request more information and pricing for your property and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly! We look forward to serving you!

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