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Military Lawn Cuts Team Winning Yard of the Month

Top Lawn & Landscaping Careers in Aubrey, Celina & Prosper TX

We're looking for hard-working, qualified candidates to join the Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping Team! Think you have what it takes?

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Do you have a valid drivers license?
Are you willing and able to pass a drug test?
Are you willing to submit to a background check?

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Join the Most Trusted Lawn & Landscape Company in Aubrey, Celina, Prosper TX and surround cities.

Our professional team of landscapers take great pride in offering exceptional service to all of our clients. We set the example by providing reliable and routine maintenance to keep our clients yard looking good year round.

Why Working at Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping is Different Than Every Other Job 

We Pay You Based Off Your Performance

There is nothing more frustrating than working harder than your co-workers and getting paid the exact same hourly rate. With our pay for performance type pay system, YOU are in control of what YOU want to make per hour, not us. Stop waiting for your boss to give you a raise when you can dictate what you want to make. Apply at Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping today to learn how our pay for performance system works.

We Offer Benefits

We understand that benefits play a big role when deciding on where to invest and grow with your career which is why we offer benefit packages to both full time and part time employees. Some of the benefits we offer to our lawn and landscape employees are dental, life and disability insurance. 

Safe, Positive & Smoke Free Work Zone

Lawn & Landscape companies can sometimes get a bad rep for poor work environments. At Military Lawn Cuts we are intentional when it comes to being positive, wearing the right protective equipment, receiving the right training and operating in a smoke free environment.

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What is our Mission?

To Grow, Serve, Give & Be A Blessing.

Our mission was founded on the principles to help other people. In order to do this, we as individuals of Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping are intentional when it comes to growing ourselves personally, physically, spiritually, financially and mentally. When it comes to serving, our focus is on others. Because we are in a service industry, when it comes to lawn care and landscaping, it is our core duty to be a servant to our clients, co-workers, bosses and our family. Giving is crucial since this is one of the best things we can do as a human being. We are intentional when it comes to giving whether it is our time, an act of service or financially, our culture is built around this core value.

To Be A Blessing is the ultimate goal and our purpose. To Be A Blessing to someone means that you have served them above and beyond any financial transaction or any exchange that was agreed upon. It means that you impacted someone's life further than they could have ever imagined and you influenced that person on a much deeper level in the most positive way. This is who we are and what we strive to accomplish each and every day as we interact with others. 

Values We Look For in A Potential Candidate:


Reliability is our biggest core value. It is the foundational building block on what we are all about. With us being a Military Lawn Care Company, our clients expect us to be there each and every day on time and ready to perform the services they hired us to do. We are looking for reliable candidates that have reliable transportation to be at work when they are scheduled.


Being Humble is a key to accept that you always have room to improve and that it's okay to make mistakes. Being able to admit when you are wrong and learn from it is another core value we highly look for when choosing the right candidates.

Team Player

This industry isn't a one-man show. we work together efficiently as a team to complete our jobs.

Drug-Free & Smoke Free

We operate machinery and enter private property, you must have attention to detail and be drug-free. 

Solid Work Ethic

It's not easy to work in this industry. Some days are hot and monotonous and the job is extremely physical. 

Attention To Detail

Being aware of your surroundings, and paying attention to the close details goes a long way in this type of environment.

Apply for a Career with Military Lawn Cuts & Landscaping Today!

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If you think you have what it takes to excel in the lawn and landscape industry, fill out an application today! We are always hiring leaders in the lawn care industry.

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